(To be submitted 48 Hrs. prior to commencement of Work.)
Type of Permit:     10-Apr-2020
LCL Department/ Citizen: Contractor's Name:
Authorized Rep.: Contractor's Authorized Rep.:
Mobile No. Contractor's Mobile No.
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Work Order no:
Description of Works:
Start Date(dd/mm/yyyy) End Date(dd/mm/yyyy)
Specific Work Location: Street : Width Depth Length
Supporting information (maps, plans etc.) must be send to CMS. Applications without necessary supporting documents will not be considered for approval until documentation is complete.
What methods are proposed for working around existing underground utilities?
No. Item Yes/No Remarks
1 Have all existing utilities (1.Electrical HT/ LT Cables. 2.Water Line. 3.Sewer Line. 4.OFC. 5. Over Head Electrical Lines. 6. SWD / CD's etc.) been identified & removed / isolated / protected?
2 Where existing services may be interrupted for an excessive period, have provisions for providing alternative services been made?
3 Are the co-ordinates identified at site (marking will be done with lime powder for the proposed excavation, on permit approval.)
4 Has the restoration work been catered for?
5 Whether assistance required for traffic diversion.
1. A permit is only valid when signed by Head - Public Works.

2. A valid copy of this permit shall be kept on the work site at all times. Failure to have the permit on site will result in a stop work order.

3. Deviations from the details of work, schedules and locations provided in the permit application must have the prior written approval of Public Works.

4. Work shall not commence before start date on the permit without prior written approval of Public Works.

5. The Contractors Supervisor must be readily available at or near the site at all times during the work.

6. Proper measures and equipment/ supplies for traffic control and pedestrian safety will be implemented prior to the commencement of work and will remain in place until authorization to remove has been provided by Public Works.

7. No materials may be stored in any location not approved by Public Works. Under no circumstances may materials be stored outside the approved work area in a manner that would constitute a nuisance or hazard to the public.

8. Service Disruptions not provided for in the original application will require the prior approval of Public Works.

9. Proper barricading must be provided prior to commencement of work.

10. Contractor will be responsible for complete repair of any damage done to any utility/ property in Lavasa ROW during work execution. Where utility damage is the direct result of failure to follow and observe CMS policies and procedures, the responsible permittee shall pay double damages.

11. Contractor will be responsible for maintenance of work site at all times and will hold harmless CMS Lavasa for work site injuries/ damages.

12. Public Works must approve restoration of site before the Permit is closed. If restoration is not satisfactorily completed, CMS Lavasa may undertake completion of restoration work at the contractor’s risk and cost.

13. All workers/ machine operators will be made aware about the underground hazard by tool box talk prior to start of work.

14. Further to comply with the terms of this permit and CMS's ROW requirement, may also cause referral to Projects Department for penalty provided by the incidental requirement of your contract with LCL.

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